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New to the Area – the ARP Wave System is for EVERY BODY – Relieve Pain, Return to Quality of Life – Achieve Better Range of Motion – Get away From Surgeries & Quicken the Rehabilitation from all Surgical Treatments and Injuries

The ARP Wave System has been used by thousands of the leading stars in the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL & College & Olympic Sports athletes to quickly bounce back from injury & end pain

These advantages are now accessible to the public at a area ARP Wave Provider Network Healthcare Professional

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ARP Wave System – The System That Assists the Body in Healing Itself

The ARP Wave System is a part of soft tissue medicine that deals with the Neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms. The chief purpose of the ARP Wave System is to uncover the origin of your pain – treat this pain from the spot it started to exactly where it wound up – then afterwards quickly re-train your body to perform once more at its optimum best.

The ARP Wave System utilizes a state-of-the-art patented electrical modality classified by the FDA as a class 2 medical device and this device is added together with the one-of-a-kind ARP Wave System methods and testing procedures to together create the proprietary ARP Wave System.

  • The ARPwave System has been affirmed to be a truly powerful treatment solution for individuals that have been told they require surgery in addition to those people who have actually had surgery.
  • The ARP Wave System is a especially effective preparation for physical therapy and is employed for improving Range-of-Motion & cutting down pain PRIOR to physical therapy.
  • The ARP Wave System has been proven effective at the premier levels by top-tier athletes & sports teams all over the world.
  • The ARP Wave System works with thousands of patients throughout the world every year and has been proven effective on all varieties of chronic pain including RSDS and Fibromyalgia as well as injuries such as ankle sprains, strained tendons or ligaments and other injuries. ARP can drastically lower time needed for recovery from weeks to days.

If you are burdened with pain in the back, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, knee problems, tendonitis or other chronic musculoskeletal problems, chances are high that you have tried many different treatments. Allow us to explain why the ARP Wave System may be your answer for pain management and recovery.

Taking Care of the Cause of Injury – Our Muscles are Meant to Absorb the Force of Our Movement – When They Stop Doing This Injury Can be the Result.

Force comes into the body all through our normal daily routine. Regardless if it’s executing the movement necessitated to sit or stand or playing athletic sporting activities – we are constantly placing force on the body. It’s the responsibility of our muscles to take in this ever-present force. When the nervous system is activating the muscles successfully they are able to absorb force and the body works as it should.

Injuries occur to a particular area of the body when the muscles in that region are not sufficiently doing their job of taking in the force which is present in our everyday lives or sporting activities. The force that should be absorbed by the muscle is rather being absorbed by our tendons, ligaments, cartilage, vertebral discs or other areas which are not meant to take on these impacts and an injury will possibly result.

There are 3 Factors to any Injury:

1. A neurological disconnect happens – the nervous system is not sending out the correct signal to the muscles to absorb force and operate correctly and in this way the force is transferred to areas not designed to absorb it.

2. When this disconnect happens it results in the growth of inflammation – this inflammation could be felt as pain in an altogether different location than exactly where the injury occurred (where you are injured or hurt is not always where you experience pain).

3. This also will result in a rapid loss of strength in the area.

Where You Have Pain is the Location Where the Problem Wound up NOT Where it is Originating From


What is distinct about the ARP Wave System is that we quickly discover and deal with your pain directly at the origin source – then the ARP Wave System protocols are designed to efficiently bring along the injured area back to strength and optimum functionality.

In contrast to standard medicine – we don’t simply deal with the symptoms (just where it’s hurting) – our unique system defines and addresses the original root cause of injury which additionally corrects the area where you are experiencing the pain.

Cellular Disruption Location (CDL) – the innovative approach of the ARP Wave System is that the focal point is placed on tracing the pain and neurological disconnect straight back to its source and then knocking out both equally the pain and addressing its cause.

Conventionally therapy treatments have attempted to deal with your pain at the place where you are feeling the pain. Utilizing a straightforward and essentially painless process of detection called Cellular Disruption Location (CDL) – The ARP Wave System locates exactly where the true source of the problem is. For example, your lower back could be in pain but the source of the problem could be a weak point in an ankle.

We treat the issue at its origin and then the distinct ARP Wave System treatment protocols re-train the nervous system to once again send out the proper signal to your muscles to absorb force so that your body can perform as it was meant to do.

We Handle the Problem at it’s Origin Point and Also Do away with the Out-of-Balance Compensation Patterns that Result in Injury

When an injury takes place the body tends to involve other aspects of the body in motions to compensate for the injured area. This results in the body being out of balance and this compensation may result in pain and additional injury in what can often times seem like an unconnected area.

When we distinguish and remedy the cause of the pain and then retrain to eliminate the out-of-balance compensation – we not only heal but, at the same time, help in preventing future injury.

This distinct approach, combined with ARP Wave System technology, permits us to get a fix on the origin of pain, remove that pain back to its source – then re-train the nervous system to discontinue compensation patterns and rebuild joint mobility and muscle strength.

Our Straightforward System of Treatment is Established on Neurology to Mend the Injury and Aid to Helping to Prevent Possible Future Injuries

1. We first want to know if the nervous system is functioning effectively to signal the muscles to absorb the impact and force of activity. Identifying the answer to this question is carried out with a straightforward and painless muscle testing procedure.

If a disconnect exists we determine the neurological inception of this disconnect to identify where the disruption is and thus where the pain is coming from.

2. We deal with the damage done from this disconnect & injury and re-train the body to function properly once again using the proprietary ARP Wave system and protocols.

3. Once the condition has been turned around and the damage corrected – we strengthen the area and build back up the muscles ability to correctly absorb force utilizing a safe and highly effective protocol of isometrics.

The ARP Wave System has been effective on a large number of injuries and problems such as:

  • Healing injuries without the need for surgery
  • Drastically speeding up the healing of injuries after surgery
  • Treating issues such as sprains & tears very swiftly

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The ARP Wave System has experienced a high success rate for avoiding many sorts of orthopedic surgeries including:

  • ACL Tears
  • Knee Surgeries
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Herniated Disk Surgery
  • Hip Surgeries
  • Joint Replacement Surgeries
  • Carpel Tunnel Surgery & More

And the outline of conditions the ARP Wave System can work on is extensive:

  • Knee Injuries
  • Muscle Injury
  • Lingering muscle pain
  • Arthritis
  • Tension Headaches
  • RSD
  • Lingering Pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Numbing/Tingling
  • Loss of flexibility
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Prevention and retardation of disuse atrophy
  • Re-educating the Muscles
  • Maintaining and increasing range of motion
  • & Many more

Post-surgical Rehabilitation – the ARP Wave System can accelerate muscle rehabilitation of the following:

  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Foot
  • Cervical and Lumbar spine

The Science

The ARP Wave System is focused around a proprietary device called the
RX100. The RX100 was designed on the basic principle ofPain Clinics Memphis TN utilizing the dramatic cellular effects of direct current for clinical use.

However, the RX100 is an improvement when compared with standard direct current in that the RX100 creates a unique current wave that is harmonious to the body. This means ones body accepts the current as opposed to protecting against the current – allowing it to penetrate deeply without producing significant resistance and pain.

Lengthening & Relaxing the Muscles without Pain

Traditionally direct current devices have caused the muscles to contract which can trigger discomfort throughout treatment. The muscle will contract to protect damaged tissue – which typically results in additional pain and lessened range-of-motion as the muscle works to protect.

Because the unique ARP Wave System, and the use of the RX100, is harmonious to the body – the muscle does not contract in defense but rather relaxes and lengthens during treatment to accept much more effective healing than traditional therapies.Having the muscle to relax instead of contracting is fundamental to better range of motion, more blood flow into the area and reducing pain and discomfort.

Another benefit of the RX100 is the Second frequency involved. This second wave is called a background wave and can be thought of as neurological while the active wave is physiological. The 2 waves work together to produce a highly variable wave which interacts with all tissues of the body.

Even though the ARP Wave System is a new and unique technology, it is solidly grounded in the most current science and is also FDA authorized. To date, thousands of clinical cases have demonstrated the results. Compared to the clinically-predicted outcomes, we have observed a dramatic decrease in the time required to reverse a broad variety of acute and chronic problems.

The ARP Wave System of Treatment


STEP 1 – Neuro In Balance

We call the first step in the ARP Wave system Neuro In Balance. Through this stage we are looking to build the foundation necessary for healing by discovering the place in the nervous system where there is a disruption in the proper signal to the muscles.

This neurological blockage is hindering the proper signals to be relayed from the nervous system to the muscles. We utilize the ARP Wave System to unblock the signal opening the path for the body to relay the correct signals to the injured area.

STEP 2 – Treatment

Here in this phase we’re ready to employ the electronic ARP Wave System modality as well as the ARP Wave System movement and exercise protocols. Using these tools we seek to relieve the body of unproductive patterns of compensation and restore proper function.

First we identify where the initial injury appeared and find those specific muscles that stopped being able to properly absorb force which brought on injury.

Pinpointing this area allows us to activate the muscles with the ARP Wave System while simultaneously having the patient execute primarily designed movements to get rid of and re-program patterns of compensation.

This technique is enabling the muscles to keep more and more force away from the location that is injured which substantially lowers the chances of further aggravating the injury during the process.

Concurrently the ARP Wave System is bringing massive quantities of healing blood into the area to flush inflammation out enabling the body to better heal itself.

STEP 3 – Rehabilitating Strength

During the rehabilitation stage we want to train the muscles to function as they are designed so that we significantly cut down on the risk of re-injury due to erroneous muscle functionality. We develop and reinforce this proper movement so that the patient can get back to enjoying a pain-free active lifestyle.

During the strength and rehabilitation stage The ARP Wave System uses a cutting-edge system of advanced isometrics to train the muscles without the need for movement – in this manner we we also cut down on the risk of reinjury.

The ARP Wave System allows the muscles to elongate in contraction enabling the muscles to absorb more force. Using the system protocols we’re able to induce contractions at a high velocity so that – even though there is no actual movement – the muscles are fully switching on as if theyre in a maximum movement effort.

This makes it possible for us to significantly improve strength and performance in a reduced period of time in contrast to traditional forms of training and helps our patients to get back to an healthy and active lifestyle more quickly.

Why Does the ARP Wave System Work More Quickly in Comparison to More Traditional Therapy?

The ARP Wave System works on the neurological component of the issue. We are working with the nervous system and the brain – those things which govern one’s physical movement.

When ever you experience an injury and you try to move the impacted area – the brain sends out the signal – I need to safeguard this part of the body – there is something wrong here.

In the ARP Wave System we neurologically transmit the signal to the brain that there is no limitation any more. We go to the last step in advance of getting to the first step.

When the brain doesn’t feel there is an issue it effectively permits us to quickly work right past the obstacle by implementing movement and range-of-motion into the situation.

Basically, we approach things from another angle and this enables us to create good results faster. Traditional physical therapy repeatedly battles to overcome the brain’s message to the body that says– I cannot permit you to perform this movement right now.

The ARP Wave System right away changes that signal rather than trying to fight it by getting rid of the body’s natural resistance neurologically. We undertake this in a manner that’s natural to the body and takes our patients along to optimum health more quickly.

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